Linoleum Carving & Printing


1. Sketch out a design to be carved.

2. Copy the design onto tracing paper in order to flip it and get the mirror image.

3. Transfer the design to the linoleum using carbon paper. 

4. Carve out your design using the provided tools.

5. Mix your ink and roll it on to your carving. 

6. Hand press the carving onto the paper and reveal!

This workshop will last about 2 hours and costs $20 per person. Up to 6 people can participate at a time.



Here's how it goes:

1. Pick a short phrase, meaningful quote, or any other text under 30 words to print on their poster. The poster will be an area up to 12x18"

2. Plan out your design and sketch out a layout for your poster.

3. Pick the type. Choose from our collection of wood and metal type to bring your design to life! Size, typeface, and the mix of fonts is up to you.

4. Makeready the press. Set the type and put everything in place to begin printing your poster.

5. Choose the ink color and mix the ink.

6. Run the press and print your posters! We will be using our Vandercook press for this workshop which is over 50 years old

Each workshop lasts about 3 to 4 hours and costs $100 per person. 1-3 people per workshop.


Still have questions? Email to find out more.