Custom Letterpress Posters

Letterpress is a completely handmade process from start to finish! We try to do as much as we can the old fashioned way. The end result is something that can't be recreated with digital printing. Our posters have texture, little imperfections, and tons of personality.

All printing is produced on vintage letterpress equipment aged as old as 100 years. Every sheet of paper is hand-fed through our printing presses one at a time, one color at a time. Therefore prices are determined by quantity and color.

Most time and work is dedicated to the set-up, rather than the printing, so we set minimums on orders to make the most of our resources and time. The combination of our labor intensive process and endless customization makes it difficult to offer initial quotes without key information about the design and number of prints. Listed below is the minimum order for a basic style poster. We can always customize and build from there!

A flat design fee of $200 is applied to all custom poster orders. It is non-refundable in the event your order is cancelled before production. This fee goes towards the total cost of design which will increase based on custom illustrations, carvings, large amounts of text, and extensive revisions. Printing costs below indicate the price for 11 x 17" posters with a 40 word maximum. Minimum of 50 required for an order. Printing costs are subject to vary due to size.

1 COLOR: $50 for set up + $2.50 per print

2 COLOR: $100 for set up + $3.50 per print

3 COLOR: $150 for set up + $5.00 per print

Click here to visit our gallery and see more examples of past work.

To start on your own custom poster job you can email Emily at or fill out our contact form here.

You are also welcome to stop by our shop during business hours or give us a call at 304-546-9681