Beginner's Guide to Block Printing Kit

This kit has everything you need to start your very own block printing adventure! We hand picked all of the materials and wrote the instructions ourselves.

The materials include:

  • 2 pieces of 5" x 7" linoleum
  • 1 carving tool with 5 interchangeable cutters
  • 1 soft rubber 3" brayer
  • 1 tube of black water soluble ink (1.25 oz)
  • 5 sheets of 5" x 7" printmaking paper
  • 2 sheets of 5" x 7" graphite paper
  • 2 sheets of 5" x 7" tracing paper
  • Custom instructions from Base Camp Printing Co!

Information on where to find more supplies is also included in the kit!

*This kit includes sharp carving tools and is not recommended for small children. 


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