Custom Work Terms & Conditions


Base Camp Printing Co. agrees to provide design and/or printing services by the agreed deadline.

Base Camp agrees to deliver designs and revisions in a timely manner and the client agrees to provide feedback and edits appropriately. However, Base Camp will not be held accountable for delayed production or missed deadlines due to lack of response or excessive revisions from the client.

The client will be notified and must approve any and all materials prior to project finalization and printing (if applicable). Once approved, Base Camp is not responsible for any errors or misspellings that were present in the final design approved by the client.

Base Camp will not be able to provide a physical proof before project completion due to the nature of the printing process. All initial mock ups will be digital, and the final result may vary  slightly.



Base Camp requires at least 5 business days after design finalization for print time. Print time is subject to change due to amount of colors and/or job complexity.

Letterpress printing is a unique and completely handmade process. Inconsistencies in ink color, saturation, placement, and texture are unavoidable and to be expected. Base Camp will not reprint a job for these reasons.

If the client believes that Base Camp has made a mistake worthy of reprinting, they must document it and notify Base Camp within 5 business days of receiving the finished product. Because of the extensive time and materials involved, Base Camp reserves the right to charge 50% of the total payment for any reprinting job.



A deposit of $75 - $200 will be due prior to the start of any work.

If the scope of work changes during the project’s production, additional cost may occur. Base Camp will submit any price changes to the client prior to beginning such tasks.

As stated above, required printing time begins after the finalization of design. If the client would like to receive the final product sooner, a rush fee will be applied. Rushing production could require a number of costs (rushed delivery of paper, envelopes, polymer plates, rushed final shipping) and therefore Base Camp reserves the right to determine each rush fee individually.

 The client agrees to pay for any shipping costs incurred.



Base Camp agrees to keep personal information involved in any designs, such as names, addresses, etc., protected and to keep any information shared confidential.

Base Camp will be permitted to display final work on our website and social media accounts in perpetuity.

The client will own the final design as a whole for the specific application requested. In order to use the design in a different way or for a different purpose, an additional fee will be required. Elements of the design may not be extracted and used without Base Camp’s permission.



Either party may terminate this contract at any time for any reason they deem necessary with written notice. Upon cancellation, the client will be responsible for all expenses incurred prior to contract termination. Should the client choose to cancel this project after the project’s completion, the client will remain responsible for full payment of the complete project total.